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EWA (Elves With Attitude) is a guild for Elves or Elf or Elf-ish Presley Impersonators who have a good sense of humour. Rhinestone jackets and pointy-toed blue suede shoes are optional.

1) First rule of Elven Fight Club: Do not talk about Elven Fight Club.

2) Do not attack a fellow guild member, unless (s)he agrees to the fight. No trash talking or insulting either our guild or other guild members. We are a team.

3) DONATIONS ARE NOW OPTIONAL since we have reached max stats. We may return to requiring donations, if/when our treasury gets low or if Guild Dungeons require gold/mushrooms.

4) Players should strive to advance at least one level per week. If you are not going to be on for a week or have some other problem, please let the guild know. We can account-sit and click that sword and shield for you.

5) Though shall not taunt the Happy Fun Ball.

6) The leader (currently Audax) has the right to declare war whenever that person feels it is necessary for the guild. Timroff is the current War Chief and may act in her stead. For anyone else declaring war, he or she must verify one of the following:
i) That specific war has been listed as a group goal, either on the Guild page in S&F or on this guild site -or-
ii) A majority of top guild officers (above level 90) has voted to allow the bonus -or-
iii) You have paid for the entire declaration of war in a single lump sum.

7) Any violation of the rules is to be reported to the leader. Please only report violations you personally witnessed or are aware of; false accusations may be punished at the leader's discretion.

The rules may be changed at any time by the leader, and may be retroactively enforced.

Minor violation: Verbal warning

Repeated or major violation: Loss of officership, for a period to be determined by the leader.

Continuous or extreme violations: Kicked out of the guild.

The leader is responsible for judging the degree of a rule violation.
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Jun 14, 2010 at 10:29 PM
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Here's the bare bones.

Treasure Bonus: 100%!
Experience Bonus: 100%!

Now we’re just looking for a few good people… good, preferably pointy-eared, people… to round out our ranks. We’re relaxed as a community, yet serious about the game.

Our chat is active; we discuss everything from recipes, to travel, good books and comics to read, and the relative merits of using a hammer vs. an axe while fighting mages. King Nodrog the First rules us with a light, yet unyielding and irreverent hand. Dues are minimal, and wars are daily, as we expect raids to be once implemented.

When keeping your mind open and your chat jumping are what's important, Elves With Attitude will welcome you with open arms. Don't worry if you're not insane yet; we offer free training by professionals.

For more details about the guild, please visit our website by clicking on our banner/my signature (if we have a banner...).

(Psst. Plastic Spock ears are available for round-ears as needed.)
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